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دریافت ویزا بدون نیاز به Clearance
Aug-31-2007، 03:56 AM (آخرین تغییر در این ارسال: Aug-31-2007 03:57 AM توسط Masoud.)
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دریافت ویزا بدون نیاز به Clearance
خوشبختانه بعضی از برنده های لاتاری 2007 بدون نیاز به کلیرنس موفق به دریافت ویزا شده اند. آخرین کیس گزارش شده سیامک هست که جریان مصاحبه اش رو مفصل در ImmigrationPortal نوشته. من تجربه سیامک رو اینجا کپی میکنم و لینکش رو هم میذارم:


My Interview
I and my wife passed the visa interview in Aug 20th and fortunately we received our visas without FBI Check. (Married who doesn't work for government may not require FBI check). Now I'd like to share my experience of interview may it can help you in your coming interview.
My interview had been scheduled in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E) as I requested in my application.
Medical Exams:
I and my wife took the medical exams in Aug 18th in Dubai and the result was ready in the same day afternoon. We paid 120 $ equivalent per person for the Blood test and X-ray. Since we already had our vaccine record we didn't pay anything for vaccination.
• My wife was ۶-month pregnant so she was not asked for Chest X-Ray and any vaccine.
• ۳ photos (۵ by 5cm) are required for Medical exams. The photos must be the same with the twos you will submit to U.S Embassy.
• One iv-medical form for each person. It's usually accessible in the Embassy's website

Visa Interview:
We left Dubai to Abu Dhabi early morning in Aug 20th and we were in U.S Embassy at ۷:15 AM. The embassy's door opened in ۸:00 AM. We got a sequence number and waited till we were called. First clerk asked for:
• The Education degree. I said Bachelor of Science in Electronic engineering. He asked the original University Diploma as well as its translation. Fortunately he didn't ask my High school Diploma because I had lost it some years ago and I didn't have any evidence for that.
• Marriage certificate. (Only certified translation)
• Birth Certificates of me and my wife. (Only certified translations)
• Affidavit of Support (I-134 form, Sponsor's return tax, Evidence of Citizenship, Bank account record and his evidence of employment)- Sponsor was necessary for all applicants and be aware that some other supports such as properties and money are not acceptable in some embassies.
• Fee. 755 $ equivalent per person

We waited for around one hour until we were recalled. Second clerk asked some more questions about:
• My relationship with the sponsor
• The city I 'm going to live in U.S
• The date of entry to U.S
• My and my wife's occupations in our country and whether they are governmental.
• My wife's delivery date and the place we like him to be born
Then He said our case is approved and tomorrow afternoon we should refer to take our passports and GC Packages
• We swore that everything we have mentioned in the application forms is true then we signed that.
• The third clerk scanned our finger prints.
• She gave a stamped instruction for my baby as follow:
"A child born after the issuance of an immigrant visa will not need a visa to accompany the parent provided they both travel within the period of validity of the visa. A copy of the child's long-form birth certificate showing the name of the parent must be carried for presentation to a U.S. immigration official at the port of entry, together with a valid travel document for the child. "

Finally in Aug 21st I received our passports with ۶ months immigration visa along with the GC Packages and SSN (Social security number) instruction on a piece of paper.

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